I’m So Excited!



Life is really funny, if you chose to look at from that perspective. I choose to laugh and not cry about getting older. In fact, I get more excited about living life every day. I truly believe that my days ahead of me are my best days and not the days behind me. My birthday is this month and I am so excited about what this year will bring. When I think about the benefits that come with aging, I get so excited! Here are my three top reasons that a lady should embrace aging;

It’s Inevitable:

Unless you die young, you will age. It’s a fact! Some may be in denial, but most women won’t go without a fight. We work out, use make-up, replace hair, wear uncomfortable waist trainers, get plastic surgery, and shop the cosmetics counter until we drop. It exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, we should fight the good fight. Health is important! Self-Image is important! I get excited about aging, because I can be free to define my own beauty story.  If you have gray hair and want to rock it, go ahead. Those few extra pounds may be worth the happiness of your favorite snack, eat up. If you want to fight aging until the bitter end, enjoy the battle. You will age, so get excited about the inevitable.

It’s Fun:

Aging can be fun. I think aging makes you bolder and brave. You may want to try something new or explore your options. Get excited about discovering the new adventures out there. Travel, dance, go back to school, chase a dream and laugh. You may have some bloopers, but that’s the fun part. One of my dear friends called me out on my lack of the fun factor. So it’s my personal goal to enjoy life to the fullest. Get excited about having fun.

It’s Liberating:

You know what you like and what you don’t like. You start to learn who you are. Hopeful you have learned from your mistakes. Your opinion matters and your voice can be heard. This was true for the younger you, but for some confidence takes time. Your experiences mean something and you can make a difference. You stop asking for permission to be yourself. Be free to be you. Now, that’s exciting.



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