Fail Until You Succeed


The simple quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is worth applying to your everyday life when think about your failures. It took me about a year to recover from what I thought was a series of life failures, but what seemed like my biggest failure was actually my biggest blessing. I decided to turn my mess into a success, by counteracting my negative thoughts with positive actions. A year ago my life was in complete chaos. Each day something new came my way and I had to decide if I was going to let it finish me off or if I would use it for the fuel to turn my life around.

My theory about facing obstacles that seem like failures, change your perspective about the purpose for failing in your life. Here are some great reasons to understand why failure is important to your success:

Failure Makes You Human-Jesus was the only perfect person to walk the Earth. We all make mistakes. Some people just can’t accept the fact that failures happen to everyone in some manner or another. It’s okay if you fail, but it’s not okay to stay there.

Failure Instills Wisdom-If you didn’t fail, how would you learn from your mistakes? If you are not learning from your failures, you are missing the purpose of failure. Failure should only be a temporary place, not a permanent residence. There is always a lesson to be learned. By taking time to analyze why or how you failed, you can gain invaluable nuggets of wisdom. The biggest mistakes people make when failing is concentrating on the failure solely, blaming others, or internalizing the effects of failing. You must always look to failure as “a substitute teacher” of a class that you are going to pass anyway. Who doesn’t graduate because they failed a class with substitute teacher? You do the work or you don’t and face the consequences of your actions either way.

Failure Makes You Stronger-Failure will either make you work harder or give up. Which one do you think is harder to do? Giving up is harder. People that give up live with the regret that they stopped moving forward when the failed. Giving up will last a lifetime and causes spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional depletion. If you push through failure, you will gain strength in knowing what you are capable of doing. Remember that failure hurts, but giving up is suicide.

Failure Gives You a Voice-People that fail have a story to tell that can inspire a nation. If you are willing to be transparent about your failures, you could encourage someone else to push through their own failure and succeed. When people see you push through, they will wonder how you found the strength to make it. Our story is our testimony and that is how we share what God able to do in our lives.

Failure is Necessary-Failure is necessary in our journey. We can’t avoid life’s imperfections. The blemishes or stains that we call failure always have a blessing attached to it. Sometimes we just can’t see the success story, because we are focused on the tale of the failure. The tale of failure always appears larger than life, put it’s only a hurdle that we must jump over to reach the finish line. A failure always has a success attached to it, you only have to shift your perspective to see it.

I hope that you enjoy this glass of ice cold glass of lemonade.

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