Are You Using What You Have, To Get What You Dream About?

I want to make a change in my community

I started blogging in 2008 under the pseudonym “Saved Sistas”, because I lacked confidence in what I had to offer the world. The funny thing is, I got paid about $800.00 dollars for one of my blog writings that year. That should have been confirmation in my talent, but it was not. I struggled for years to gain confidence in public speaking and writing. The excuses were ongoing and prolonged my dream of helping women and children. A lack of confidence results in a lack of consistency. In the end, my goals suffered and so did I. I would get an opportunity to speak or write from time to time, but I was my own hurdle.

A lack of confidence results in a lack of consistency. -Nikki Guy-Dixon

In time, my desire to speak and write became unbearable. It was the thorn in my side. Each reason that I had created in my mind not to move forward, appeared minimal in the big scheme of things.  Being a mother of four, a lack of financial resources, limited skills, and a lack of time were my biggest obstacles to conquer. The internet has change the game on marketing, learning, and producing. You can do just about anything with time and the click of a button.

In addition, fear of rejection and the inability to ask for what I wanted were also two internal road blocks. Some people could take rejection and keep moving full throttle in getting what they wanted. I took rejection personal and it took me time to pick up and go on. So I had to to change my mind site. Today, I focus on “One Yes” and move past a million no’s. In summary, it only takes one yes to change your whole life.

This change for me when marriage ended. I was now a single parent that had to take of four children alone. We had nothing and it was clear that if we were going to survive, I would have to use what I already had. I did not have time to get new skills, contacts, degrees or plans. My only means of survival were to use what God had already given me to take care of my children and myself.  In my lowest moment, I asked friends to host home speaking engagements and I spoke for donations. People were supportive and I was able to earn enough money to get back on my feet. This was the ultimate wake up call.

I quickly realized that God had given me all that I needed to live my dream and provide for my family. In the end, I had to step out on faith, take one step at a time, and use what God had already given me. So my writing may not be perfect and I may be self-taught in many things (blogging, websites, speaking, and internet marketing), but God gave me everything that I needed to achieve my dreams.

Are you using what God has already given you to live out your dreams? If not, take an inventory of your skills and talents. Write down your future dream and assess how your current abilities can help you to reach your dreams. I provided a sample below to help you out and worksheet to start on for yourself (click the link to download your own copy). God Bless in your journey to use what you have to live out your dreams.



Click here for your download:

My Dream (2)

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