To Online Date or Not…



Is Online Dating the Way to Date After Divorce?


That is the question! Now that I am newly single. I have so many questions about dating?

Here are a few:

  • How do you date after divorce?
  • What is online dating really about?
  • How do single moms date?

The truth is that I am little anxious about dating after divorce, not in a good way either. I wouldn’t mind having a friend, but I am not feeling a second marriage. Despite what my family, friends, co-workers, kids and well everybody has to say about it. I like my freedom and I don’t want to be ashamed about that. I felt like I was “12 Years a Slave” in my marriage. Some may not find that funny, but I can’t help how I feel about it. So with that being said…now what? The last date that I had was in my 20’s and my perspective on dating was unique then.

I did not date for marriage or sex, just something to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Literally, I dated for recreational purposes only. I just didn’t want to be bored. In a sense of speaking, I think my perspective is the same. I am not looking to replace my husband or to gain a step-father for my kids. Although, I wouldn’t mind going to dinner and movie with a nice man…no strings attached. Does that work in 2016? I have no idea!

Secondly, I missed a whole decade of dating and the internet took over. I feel like a foreigner in a strange land. Grant it I have a blog, but I hate texting with a passion…yet the thought of online dating. Oddly enough, most women in their twenties, thirties and forties (and older women too…I am sure) are online dating gurus. So that makes me the ugly duckling when the topic arises. Dating online is no longer taboo, but very acceptable. However, I have concerns like what if you date someone that your sister dated? What if someone catfishes you? What to do if the date is an epic failure? What if someone that I know like my boss sees my profile on-line? I have no idea!

Lastly, how do you date when you have kids? I have four! Once again, I am clearly the road block here too. Women date and re-marry with kids all the time. Some experience second or third chances at love. I have so many rules when do I start dating. My kids come first and you don’t need to meet them right away or at all. Will a man respect that? I hope so, but who knows!

Personally, I think that men have it easier, but I have been told that that’s not true. So this blog post established a few facts about me that you will find humor in. The first fact is that I don’t what I am doing. Lastly, it should be interesting and fun to figure it out. Hopefully, I will get to share my dating adventures as I experience them…but for now the thought of the possible adventures are enough. I am curious to know, what was your dating life like after divorce, online or dating with kids?



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