Life After Domestic Violence


My selfie and Syleena singing on stage.


I recently went to a concert to see one of my favorite R&B singers, Syleena Johnson. Her music really helped me to get through the trauma of Domestic Violence. I remember stressing about going to court multiple times in a month (sometimes a within a week) and struggling to take care of my children. It seemed like the storm of Domestic Violence would never end. I just wanted to breathe and laugh again. Each day presented a new challenge and there was no relief from the drama. At the end of a long day, I would light a candle and listen to some good music. It got me through the rough days.

I finally broke down and ask a good friend this question “When will I feel normal again?” She shared how she survived her most traumatic experience and then she gave me a simple answer “You will just know”. I thought that there had to more to it than that.

After my last court, I spontaneously purchased a ticket to see Syleena. I got dressed up and went alone. I needed to have fun! I needed to listen to good music, to dance, to meet new people and to have fun! I ate a great meal and drank an expensive glass of wine (I was terrified to spend money, so this was all a big deal).

I didn’t want to be a victim or survivor that night, I just wanted to have fun and be normal. It was worth the time and money. Syleena was great! Music is my happy! Believe me, there is life after Domestic Violence and other forms of trauma. My friend was absolutely right, when it’s time to be normal again…You just know.


syleena 2
Syleena Johnson was amazing!


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