Face Fear and Fly!

Learning to Fly

A bird must be terrified to take the first flight. I can only imagine the thoughts of falling to your death. Fear is paralyzing and can cause you to stop dead in your tracks or never try at all. A fear of falling will cause you to never hike a mountain. A fear of flying will stop you from traveling around the world. The fear of rejection will stop you from taking a chance at success. A person that fears to be lonely will stay in a bad relation far too long. Fear will cause you to go the opposite direction of your big dream. Apply these 3 tips to identify the fear that is stopping you from loving the life that you live.

Identify the Core of Your Fear

The center of your fear is more than what think. For example, you are not fearful of flying, but you are really fearful of dying in a plane crash. Another example, you are not fearful of getting out of a bad relationship, but fearful of being alone. The core of your fear will show up in multiple areas of your life and prevent you from making concrete choices, moving forward or following your dreams. Don’t be fooled that you have many fears, a core fear will birth other fears. That thing is the core of all your fears.

Determine the Birthplace of your Core Fear

Once you identify the core of your fear, you have to determine when that fear was birthed (Yes, your fear has a birthday). My core fear was the thought of not being able to take care of myself and my children financially. It surfaced in my abusive marriage, where financial abuse was one of the primary forms used to control me.  As a result, my money mindset caused anxiety and extreme stress. I still struggle in this area, but I have developed strategies to manage this fear.

Face Your Core Fear

Once you identify your core fear and determine the birthplace of that fear, you must face that fear. You can’t move forward until you face your fears. Fears are there to stop you from moving forward and the core fear can expand like a web. This web will paralyze you like a spider does to its prey. The core fear is one thing, but other webs of fear prevent you from moving at all. It presents itself in the forms of procrastination, stress, anger, depression, weight gain, weight loss, isolation, and much more. When you get stuck in a web of fear, there is only one way out…Face it!

You may need counseling (which is not a bad thing) or to talk to a close friend about your core fear. Talking about is the 1st step to facing it. Once you get it out in the open, list action steps to move past the fear. In my case, I told my close friend about my fear and it allowed me to see how the fear spilled over into multiple areas of my life. I faced my fear by taking an expensive class that was needed for my professional development. It was expensive to me and in the past I would have struggled to learn a skill due to a lack of finances. It resulted in me struggling to launch my business ventures. I would always get to a certain point and have to stop. You need money to operate most businesses. So I gave up and always felt like a failure. This had to stop or I would never live out my dream. Never.

Find A Way To Manage Your Fear

You can manage your fear. That’s right, you can manage fear. We will always have some measure of fear…ALWAYS. However, you must find your own way to manage it. I had to do the same thing myself. I shared some of my techniques in my new EBook titled “Face Fear And Fly! If you want to learn more about how you can manage your fear, download it here…it’s free.

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