I Choose To Thrive For My Children

Nikki Headshot


What I thought was real was a lie. I thought this was love and it was a lie. The experience left me ashamed, embarrassed and isolated, but I am still here. I refuse to be a victim and surviving means that I just barely made it out. That’s not true for me, that’s not my story.

When I got out, I was determined that I was going to live my life to the fullest. I was determined that my children would have the best in life. I was determined that my life would matter and I would help someone come through on the other side.

Life after Domestic Abuse can leave lost in a maze. It can change your perspective on life. You have to make the choice whether or not what you experienced will give people the right to label you and put you in a box. I refuse to wear that label as a badge of honor or build a nest in a box.

See none of those labels worked for me. Here are just a few reasons, why “I Thrive Through Domestic Abuse”

When I Was Done, I Was Done.

People don’t understand how I just never looked back. My abuser and I were married for over a decade and we have four children. He made it easy. During the marriage, I begged him to get help and he refused. So I went to counseling for Domestic Violence at a local non-profit and I did the work. I refer to this as “Getting My Muscle”.  I gain my strength in counseling and I accepted the fact that I had choices. I knew that I deserved better and decided that I was done. I decided that I deserved to be happy and my children deserved better.

My Dreams and Goals Were Important.

I always dreamed of helping women and children. The children part came easy to me because I am an educator. It was reaching out to women that made life complex. How do you explain to them that you appear strong, but Domestic Abuse was a part of my daily routine?  I didn’t want to tell a lie, so I told the truth about my marriage. Some women went silent, others defended my abuser stating that marriage is sacred, and some discreetly told me their personal stories of abuse. That quiet group that pulled me aside and shared their Domestic Violence story, gave me to strength to continue to tell the truth. Statics report the 1 in 4 women experience  Domestic Violence. That means to you know someone living in the silence of abuse at the hands of their partner.  I speak and write for them. I will be their voices,

Most Importantly, I Thrive for My Children.

They need me to be strong, successful, loving, kind, God-filled, healthy, wealthy and focused. Failure is not an option when I look into their eyes. My daughters needed to see me have victory and my son needed to know that I would never give up. Every choice that I make they are the center. The get the best version of me no matter what. No matter what dish life has served you, no one should remain victimized. Life is too beautiful to merely survive. Thrive and live a life that will bless you, your children and someone else. They deserve the best mother that I can be. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women that do their best and know that God will always bless your best. My gift to you is a Free EBook, you can download it here. If you find that you are not thriving it will help you to figure things out.


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