About Nikki

glassesNikki Guy-Dixon is an author, speaker, and educator dedicated to helping people create a life worth living. She is the creator of Diva Diva Co. and I.L.E.A.P ( Innovative Learning Educational Academic Program). Nikki has served as a Certified Educator in the Maryland Public School System and mentored hundreds of youth for over a decade. In addition, she encourages people to recognize the signs of and effects of Domestic Abuse. For over 15 years, Nikki’s speaking engagements, books, and teaching programs have helped people:

  • Face their fears and follow their dreams.
  • Create a healthy self-image through fashion, fitness, and fun.
  • Develop strategies for business and event planning.
  • Become more focused and achieve professional dreams through vision planning process and goal setting.
  • Bounce back from setbacks and disappointments in a way that makes their life better than before.

Nikki knows what it feels like to endure the challenges of life and dreams deferred. She overcame troubled childhood and abusive marriage. And she understands the power of facing fear and bouncing back from defeat. Through it all, she refused to believe that her life was full of lemons. Shortly after graduating from college, she had an epiphany that confirmed her life purpose:  To inspire others to live more fulfilling lives. At the time, she was a public school teacher and was passionate about working in the community, but she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Despite many setbacks, Nikki took a leap of faith to pursue her dream and refused to give up. She earned her MBA, started a profitable hair design business and makeup line, and opened a community homeschool program. With each venture, she learned more about being true to herself, the importance pouring into others and the personal reward of serving the community.

Today, she embraces her sense of adventure and creativity through a variety of ways. The transformation has led her to write four books, including I Am the Elect Lady, Nikki Guy-Dixon Presents…Creating A New You: Creating A Masterpiece When Life Looks Like A Mess!, Face Your Fear and Fly! Your Step by Step Guide For Managing Fear and Loving a Life Worth Living, and her latest book to be released Poems Risen From Pain.

Nikki is a single parent to 4 beautiful children and devotes her time to parenting. She also speaks out about the signs of Domestic Abuse in relationships and continues to mentor youth. Her goal is to encourage people to live their authentic lives by facing their fears, loving their lives and giving back.

Let Nikki help you Face Fear and Fly! Download a free “Face Fear and Fly!” workbook, register for an upcoming event, browse the free resources and learn more about her life-changing books.

You can book Nikki for your next event as a speaker or hostess. nikkiguydixonpresents@gmail.com.