Are You Using What You Have, To Get What You Dream About?

I want to make a change in my community

I started blogging in 2008 under the pseudonym “Saved Sistas”, because I lacked confidence in what I had to offer the world. The funny thing is, I got paid about $800.00 dollars for one of my blog writings that year. That should have been confirmation in my talent, but it was not. I struggled for years to gain confidence in public speaking and writing. The excuses were ongoing and prolonged my dream of helping women and children. A lack of confidence results in a lack of consistency. In the end, my goals suffered and so did I. I would get an opportunity to speak or write from time to time, but I was my own hurdle.

A lack of confidence results in a lack of consistency. -Nikki Guy-Dixon

In time, my desire to speak and write became unbearable. It was the thorn in my side. Each reason that I had created in my mind not to move forward, appeared minimal in the big scheme of things.  Being a mother of four, a lack of financial resources, limited skills, and a lack of time were my biggest obstacles to conquer. The internet has change the game on marketing, learning, and producing. You can do just about anything with time and the click of a button.

In addition, fear of rejection and the inability to ask for what I wanted were also two internal road blocks. Some people could take rejection and keep moving full throttle in getting what they wanted. I took rejection personal and it took me time to pick up and go on. So I had to to change my mind site. Today, I focus on “One Yes” and move past a million no’s. In summary, it only takes one yes to change your whole life.

This change for me when marriage ended. I was now a single parent that had to take of four children alone. We had nothing and it was clear that if we were going to survive, I would have to use what I already had. I did not have time to get new skills, contacts, degrees or plans. My only means of survival were to use what God had already given me to take care of my children and myself.  In my lowest moment, I asked friends to host home speaking engagements and I spoke for donations. People were supportive and I was able to earn enough money to get back on my feet. This was the ultimate wake up call.

I quickly realized that God had given me all that I needed to live my dream and provide for my family. In the end, I had to step out on faith, take one step at a time, and use what God had already given me. So my writing may not be perfect and I may be self-taught in many things (blogging, websites, speaking, and internet marketing), but God gave me everything that I needed to achieve my dreams.

Are you using what God has already given you to live out your dreams? If not, take an inventory of your skills and talents. Write down your future dream and assess how your current abilities can help you to reach your dreams. I provided a sample below to help you out and worksheet to start on for yourself (click the link to download your own copy). God Bless in your journey to use what you have to live out your dreams.



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Creating A Life Worth Living

Copy of Creating (1)

Are you living a life worth living? What does that even mean? It means that your present in your moment and loving it. It doesn’t matter what season of life that you are in either. I will soon be a 38 year-old single mother of 4 and I love it! I love being single. I love being a mom. I love getting older and wiser. I love my life so much now, I wrote a book about it to share especially with you.

Life is good now, but just a year ago it was messy. Real Messy! I realized that I didn’t have to stay in a mess, so I created a life worth living. Stroke by stroke, my life became a masterpiece. People can’t believe that I look and feel so good. This eBook is the first of a series coming in 2016. I will share my take on life as I know it and I am so excited!

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Just Say Yesss!!!!



Just say “YES” to “ME”. Seven years ago, the thought would never have crossed my mind. Today, I don’t contemplate heavily about what that really means.

My 2015 has been a roller coaster ride of emotional unrest. Life as I knew it unraveled and came completely undone. That woman that I thought I was supposed to be was stripped down bare naked and exposed for a fraud. It was painful and embarrassing. The bitter cold of being exposed was brutal and lonely. It was just me… I could not hide and I could not disappear. I had to stand there for all to see. My family, friends, children and even strangers stared at my exposed bare naked self. I had to see my true self. I could not say “YES” to “ME”.

The true me was depressed and unhappy, because I was in a horrible marriage. My spouse was abusive mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and finally physically. For years, I keep trying to be everything to my husband and everyone else. I believed what my religion taught me about marriage and applied the principles taught to run my home like a well-oiled machine.

However, the reality was that I knew that my relationship with my husband got worse every year, no matter how hard I tried. I tried everything too, but nothing changed the fact that I felt horrible about my marriage. I prayed so hard for things to change, my faith would not allow me to believe that my marriage was destine for failure. Surely God would change my marriage and my husband, if I stayed faithful.

So armed with that believed, I said “NO” to me.  I lost “ME”. She was gone, with her dreams, desires, goals, and self-worth. I could not find her, she appeared in old photographs and old journals. The “ME” that I knew and loved disappeared for good.  “ME” as I knew it was gone forever (so I thought), in her place the “SHELL” remained. The “SHELL” lived the life that others told her too. She was great at all her wifely/motherly duties and others desired to be her. They believed that the “SHELL” was happy with her life.

The “SHELL” was empty on the inside and fragile on the outside. Easily broken by the opinions of other women and a husband that wanted to break her down. The “SHELL” never got tired of denying “ME”, even when “ME” screamed from far away to come back. The “SHELL” was empty, but had no space for “ME” or “YES”, the “SHELL” worked best alone and in isolation knowing that no one would support what “ME” and “YES” really wanted.

I believe that God set “ME” free in 2015. There was a price for freedom, but in order to say “YES” to “ME”…it was paid. In the first week of October 2014, my husband came home from church and beat the “SHELL” up in front of my four children.  The “SHELL” did not fight back or call the police. He destroyed the “SHELL” and she was broken forever. He could not put the pieces back together, she was not repairable and he knew it. The following day, “ME” returned and took action. “ME” swept up the broken pieces of the “SHELL” and discarded them. Then “ME” did the most important thing in my life, she said “YES”. She said “YES”….You deserve better! Your children deserve better! God wants you to have the best!

It took months, but in February 2015…I said “NO” to my abusive cheating narcissistic spouse and “YES” to “ME”. It was hard, because the “SHELL” was gone and people did not want “ME”. They told “ME” to stay a “SHELL” for the sake of the children and my husband could change. “ME” was scared to walk away, but knew that saying “YES” to “ME” meant life and not death. “ME” was a fighter and much stronger than the “SHELL”. “ME” took the hits from judgmental people, the abusive spouse and those that walked away. In the end, “ME” was stronger every day and able to say “YES” to a new life. A life were peace, faith and joy roamed free in the home and the children laughed with glee.

In the end, those that discovered “ME” loved her. I love her too. She is creative, honest, funny, brave, strong, free, love, dependent, beautiful, fashionable, kind and fun. Her plans include raising great kids, becoming wealthy, being healthy, giving back, and inspiring others. Maybe experiencing true love. “ME” is awesome and I am so glad that I said “YES” to “ME”.